– shufflers/rigging / tuning of machines is a MYTH . It could be shocking , but no matter what , MATHEMATICALLY YOU ARE BOUND TO LOSE IN THE LONG RUN playing the house games ,
be it roulette, blackjack , craps , baccarat , as they have a small edge … This edge is not small , but in the long run is enough to earn them millions . Its actually funny and hard to believe , but its a waste of time for them to even try to cheat you . The trick is for them to keep you playing ,bring u back to the casino again and again ( why do u think they comp u suites , tickets to concerts , and free meals coupons/gas coupons etc ) ( more play = faster way to reach the long-run) . The only reason people lose in the casinos is just by the nature of the business – THEY ARE BOUND TO LOSE IN THE LONG RUN .

2 )
The basic reason you get these doubts that the casino games could be rigged is when something highly improbable happens twice thrice in a row … Something worse happens to you multiple times where you think “how the fuck can it happen so many times in a row , it has to definitely be rigged” For example lets say you bet on RED while playing roulette . The last 5 times it came BlACK . Now you think it has to be RED . And place 500$ chips on RED . Boom !! BLACK again! And the same thing could happen ten times too . This is where people lose all normal behaviour , reasoning and logical thinking . This is where they curse the system , they say the casino is stealing money from them by rigging the machines. But they fail to understand that the probability of getting black 7 times in a row is 1/128 . It will happen only 1 in 128 times for every seven-consecutive-spins of the white ball . BUT THAT IS EXTREMELY COMMON . if say one table spins one betting round every 5 mins , for an hour it spins 20 rounds . Per day it is 350 rounds ( cutting off non-peak hours and averaging ) . and lets say there are 20 roulette tables in the whole casino — It will happen a staggering 60 times in a single day in that casino theoretically !!!

3) the only common secrets that you might not know ,
— ) they serve alchohol free of cost in the casino so that you stay happy , have fun , keep playing , but with terrible judgement . Alchohol fucks your judgement real bad , and but gives you false confidence of being smarter .
—-) they use extra oxygen supply through their air conditioners to keep everyone active ( so that they dont get tired and go to sleep) ( As suggested this one needs to be confirmed , but im 100% sure they do something(not harmful,something nice) to actually make a difference in the air . if you stay long enough you’ll know . )
—-) They strictly don’t let you lie down on the couches in the waiting lobbies/ hotel lobbies / ever . Even at 3am in the night , when you have lost everything , missed the last bus/ dont have a drive back/ and obviously can’t afford a hotel room . They don’t want you bringing down the liveliness / ambiance/ or even remotely remind the other players that there is something called sleep lol 😛 .
—-) they dont have clocks anywhere in the casino !! its not really a biggie , but trust everyone has experienced being inside a casino on some noon and only getting own the next morning after he has lost everything , without even knowing it is the next day already.
—– ) they are constantly watching everything from the eye of the sky(cctv cameras hanging from the roof over and tables and everywhere , youll be suprised if you count the number of cameras present ) and can catch anyone who attempts something funny ,
——) the front desk will comp you stuff / give you a upgrade to a suite if you just be nice ,request and polite and tip them reasonably .
—– ) you are not allowed to cover your head with a hood’s cap (atleast in the poker room ) as the cctvs cant capture your face , i was told .
—–) Many casinos have leaks(loopholes) in the comp system , which you can actually exploit . I wouldnt wanna name mine and its loopholes , as i wanna go back lol , so its actually good to make the most of them , as they add to your income incase you’re a poker pro , or even if your just a recreational player , they cut your losses/holiday expenses
—–) if you are

4) All in all , the casinos run on human emotion and greed . people are inherently stupid . If you play coin flips against someone who has 100000 times you’re money , you are bound to go broke before him . Its a simple probability logic . And thats the basic business model of the casions.

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